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Who We Are?

About Us

Since 2007 we have been proud enough to serve Indians for some of its favorite food and along with that we believe to taking up challenges, turn up into opportunity and success is yours. That is what is believed by CEO Anand Ratnani and co-founder Kavita Ratnani who strongly foster the theme.

Our Vission

To be recognized as one of The Best Food Franchising Company in India known for Outstanding performance, Operational excellence, Innovation, being Socially responsible and for its Contribution towards the Growthe of the Nation.

Our Philosophy

We love our Customers and do not only sell Great Products or Services, but also serve Happiness & Smiles.“The best bottom line is Customer’s Smile”. Always, give far more than Expected & Go beyond possible to make Customers Win. Always think and act towards Success of others. Absolute alignment in Mind, Body, Heart & Soul. Inner Unity.

Core Value & PURPOSE

Integrity, Excellence & Pride in Every Thing we do.
Serving Happiness…. Always. Relationship above All. Speed is the name of the Game.
Eradicating Hunger & Spreading Smiles.


a Beautiful & Ideal day to work with new Ideas & Innovative processes. To serve our customers with great Product & Services & bring smiles & happiness in their life. bring Revolutionary Positive Change in all the Situation & People who come in touch with us.


Chatkazz went up ahead, took up the challenges and today it is one of the most popular as well as high value Branded Quick Service Restaurant chain in Gujarat, Rajasthan & Maharashtra with 75 outlets fully operational & enjoying the name ‘CHATKAZZ’ working in close partnership with our long standing partner along with consistent business growth.


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